History of the castle

The castle was originally built in 1886, but it was destroyed by a fire in 1902. It was reconstructed as it now looks in 1907.
It belonged to two families as a summer residence : the de Bruyes de Saint André family and the Lory family from 1915 to 1947.
The castle was occupied by the Germans during WWII from January 4th, 1942 to July 30th, 1944. The Germans built blockhouses on the footpath surrounding the castle and one is still inside the park under the terrace facing the sea.
The Lory family sold the castle in 1947 to the archbishop of Paris. The archbishopric built a chapel in the park and an association run by a priest (Père Deglaire) managed the activity of the castle which welcomed families on holidays, retreats etc.
The castle was closed in the 90s because it was not conformed to security norms. We bought it in 2007 and opened it again to the public after two years renovation.