Discover the opinions of our various customers.

A beautiful day...a beautiful setting in the sun. We remember fondly the welcome and the quality of the site...exceptional views...and quality of service…the owners’ friendliness. Simply happiness for the day.

Claudie and Michel

This has been a wonderful venue for a wedding. The Chateau is lovely and the view outstanding. The wedding was fantastic with large support from the suppliers and was everything we could look for.

Carol et Alex

Unforgettable golden wedding for all through an exceptional space, a beautiful time. Many will remember it.


Unforgettable moment in a remarkable place! You have contributed to our wedding’s success! Thank you to you.

Marie and Dominique

A wonderful DIOR lunch, thanks to the Château de la Crête, it was a beautiful day. We look forward to next year. A thousand thanks!


Beautiful surroundings, magnificent views, guests were impressed, we hold very beautiful memories.

Olivier and Ludivine

An idyllic setting for a dream wedding !

Viktoria and Olivier

A wonderful site for an unforgettable wedding.

Anne-Olivia and Maxime

A magnificent place for an exceptional evening. Guests under the spell and the bride and groom were delighted.

Sophie and Jean

The 3 days of our solar and wind physics workshop were really fantastic. The Château de la Crête stimulated us with new ideas :) The welcome was exceptional!


Thank you. Dream location.


Thank you for this beautiful place, we are delighted and the guests too. Everything was perfect. We will remember it for a long time! Thank you again for everything.

Cécile and Antoine

What memories of this day!!! An exceptional and magical site. Guests under the charm of the place. The bride and groom were happy and fulfilled. Thank you for everything.

Estelle and Pierrick

Thank you, thank you and thank you again! We had a fantastic two days at Chateau de la Crete, surrounded by our friends and family. Everyone had a wonderful time and we are all full of sunburns that prove the incredible weather we had. Thank you again.

Aurore and Edouard

After a dream weekend, we are leaving the Château de la Crête as newlyweds... These two magical days that we had been waiting for for a long time were set in your magnificent domain. The view will remain engraved in our memory and that of our guests for a long time, as well as the impression of having been a prince and a princess for 24 hours!

Laura and Ugo

We would like to thank you for your warm welcome and for all your investment in your castle as it allowed us to have a memorable and magical wedding.

Natasha and Laurent

Thank you for your professionalism during our wedding. The Château de la Crête is definitely an idyllic location for a seaside wedding.

Marie and Matthieu

A magical place that will remain engraved in our memory. Crete is now part of our history. Thank you to this place to have made us live our dream of married. Thank you very much to Mr. and Mrs. Drye for their warm welcome and their advice.


Your castle is a splendid place which will leave a magic memory to all our guests. We are happy to have celebrated the baptism and the first birthday of our daughter Capucine. A magnificent setting for a very beautiful and happy day. Thank you so much for your kindness and availability. We look forward to a new event at the beautiful "Château de la Crête".

Aurore and Fabien

Here at Chateau de la Crête, we had an incredible experience! Our wedding will be remembered forever because of this magical place. We are so happy to have discovered it. Thank you to Mrs. Drye for accompanying and advising us throughout our preparations. You should know that it is very difficult to leave this place without a twinge of sadness. Secular ceremony in the garden of the castle on Saturday, July 30, 2016 followed by a crazy evening.

Leïla and Vincent

Probably one of the best days of my life ... For me, my husband, our families and friends and on behalf of them all, thank you!!!


An idyllic setting for a dream wedding! Unforgettable magical moments... What memories! A big thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Drye for their kindness, their advice always very wise and their availability. See you soon for another party! (May 25, 2019 under the sign of the crazy years!)

Marjorie and Damien

A fantastic wedding in a fantastic location. Guests delighted by the breathtaking view. Everything was gathered to spend a dream moment. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Drye for the warm welcome and for listening.

Camille and Marc

Beautiful location, perfect results. The whole family, happy.

Jean and Lucie

Remarkable site for a wonderful wedding. A total success in the view of all participants.

Philippe and Véronique

Exceptional setting and a perfect time. A panorama to dream of for all lovers of the sea. Our daughter’s wedding that will forever be etched in memory, the best views among everything la Manche can offer us! Thank you for this wonderful site.


The day following a wedding party in a magical place in rain, wind or shine, all in one day. Beautiful views, warm, friendly welcome and good service that helped us organise our own wedding. Again thank you for everything. We’ll be back in 10 years I promise!

Emma and Alexander

A dreamy day in a place of our dreams. All our guests were charmed. Beautiful wedding.


A wonderful place and with luck, a lot of sunshine! We really enjoyed the garden. We will remember this day in Crete for the rest of our lives. Thank you.

Blandine and Nicolas

A big thank you for this wonderful site that made our wedding a beautiful day. The Chtis were conquered by Normandy.

Claire and Benjamin

We had an exceptional time, in addition to the weather which was clement, the setting is absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

Amélie and Luc

An exceptional place, a magnificent setting (exceptional!), all our guests were enthusiastic about the beauty of the place. Our bride and groom will keep in memory all the good moments spent at the Château de la Crête.

Marie-Line and Pierre

Exceptional place. Thank you for the warm welcome and the work-friendly atmosphere.


Thank you again for your wonderful site and your sympathy.

Amélie and Jonathan

We needed an exceptional site to make this day unforgettable for all our guests. Thank you for your welcome and your professionalism. An idyllic setting, a mild weather, an outstanding caterer, thank you also to Anne Freret who thanks to her knowledge of the place did a great job.

Diana and Edouard

Our wedding at the Château de la Crête was just perfect. A magical and enchanting place! Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Drye for their welcome, for their advice and for their sympathy. Our 99 guests were happy to have spent this moment in this wonderful place. I recommend it to all future brides and grooms!

Fabienne and Eleadoro.

Our warmest thanks for your wonderful welcome. The beauty of the site and the organization seduced all the participants of the congress. Many expressed the desire to come back and discover the region.


Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Drye for all their help. We had an incredible time at Chateau de la Crête. What an incredible location and venue. Our guests couldn't stop talking about how much they enjoyed the wedding. We had real Scottish weather that day, but the venue was so accommodating that it made no difference that day. We would definitely book again for any future event.

Elise and Euan

Mr. and Mrs. Drye, we wanted to thank you for your availability during our wedding. The good weather was there, it was perfect. Sincerely yours,

Charles and Zoé

What a magnificent place! All our guests were dazzled by this extraordinary site. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Drye for your kindness and your availability. You allowed us to have a beautiful wedding party. A thousand thanks!!!

Luc and Emmanuelle, Laure and Sébastien

A beautiful place that will leave us a unique memory for a unique moment of our lives. Thank you for your kindness and your patience. We thank you for this joyful evening which was perfect.

Julie and François-Paul

After many visits to the Château de la Crête, we realized one of our dreams: our wedding in this unique and magical place. A very big thank you for your precious advice, your kindness and your availability. Our wedding was an unforgettable moment for us and our families. We will never forget this setting... We look forward to seeing you again.

Stéphanie and Thomas

An exceptional site, a very warm welcome, an unforgettable memory for all our guests and for us! A big thank you to Mrs. Drye and her husband for their availability, their welcome and their kindness. We look forward to the next celebration!

Marine and Michael

A fantastic wedding in an extraordinary place. Enthusiastic bride and groom and delighted guests. A warm welcome, Mr. and Mrs. Drye are listening to make this moment unforgettable for all.