An outstanding seaside destination

Granville will seduce you

Come and discover the fortified upper town, the three harbours, the history and the little-known heritage of this destination, which was already very popular during the Belle Epoque for its "sea baths".

The Christian Dior Museum

Located on the northern cliffs of Granville, overlooking the sea, the Christian Dior Museum is housed in the designer's childhood villa. Each year, the House of Dior and the town of Granville propose a temporary exhibition of great quality.

Take the sea

Embark on an historic sailing ship, the Granvillaise, the Courrier des Iles, the Charles Marie or the Marité, for a participative cruise and a meal in the middle of the Chausey archipelago. You can also opt for a comfortable cruise, by speedboat, or a more sportive one, in fast zodiacs, towards Chausey or the Mont-Saint-Michel bay.

And many more activities...

Granville also boasts a hundred-year-old 27-hole golf course, a skydiving centre, a spa and the first Regional Aquatics Sports Club in France offering a plethora of water sports–dinghy sailing, kayaking, yachting, windsurfing…


Visit the islands of the archipelago

Chausey is unique in Europe for its beauty and its high tides. Escape to this paradise-like archipelago which is said to have 365 islands at low tide and 52 at high tide.

The Mont Saint-Michel

Crossing the bay

At 40 minutes, the crossing of the bay of Mont Saint Michel is without doubt the most beautiful and extraordinary excursion in the region. From the start, half an hour from the Château de la Crête, you will cross the grasslands and then, for two hours, you will walk towards the Mont, on the sand, through streams and quicksand. A unique experience!